Recovery Aftercare

Recovery clients will have access to a range of options that can be integrated in their individualized treatment plans. We offer individual and group support, as well as goal setting and designing personal timelines. We believe in an integrative approach and offer a wide a range of options for our guests.

Recovery Work

We put a strong focus on recovery work and integrate many concepts so that guests can choose what resonates with them.


Nutrition is critical to rebalancing and repairing the body. Our meal plans are designed to aid guests in all stages of recovery.

Meditative Arts

Meditative arts such as yoga, breathwork and meditation add many benefits to the recovery process.

Ibogaine Aftercare

Ibogaine is a West African indigenous medicine used to interrupt addiction by neuro-chemically transporting one to a pre-addicted state.  It is a psycho-active substance commonly known to invoke a deeply introspective examination of both the subconscious and conscious mind.  This oftentimes leads to the discovery of the root causes of the addiction, allowing the opportunity to find closure to trauma.  Ibogaine has proven to be very effective at treating addiction, depression, and oftentimes PTSD.  It can also be used for spiritual purposes, such as seeking spiritual healing and growth.​

Ibogaine is the most effective natural treatment used to eliminate the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  It can be used as the primary detox aid, or it can be used following detox to offer one a psycho-therapeutic experience.​

Ibogaine is typically administered in a large flood dose which will ameliorate most, if not all, of the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug detox.  It is most effective for people detoxing from opiates, as it eliminates the physical withdrawal symptoms almost immediately.  The treatment lasts approximately 24-36 hours, followed by several days of recovery.

Ibogaine: Rite of Passage

An Overview of Ibogaine

Ibogaine requires a unique aftercare setting. Typically after taking Ibogaine, people prefer natural, peaceful environments. It takes awhile for the mind and body to process all the many layers of the Ibogaine experience so the weeks and months following treatment are critical. Using this window of time to implement inner-recovery work and to create healthy new daily routines is critical to long term success.


Oftentimes people return to the stresses of everyday life too soon following treatment and they quickly loose the 'Ibogaine Afterglow'. Relapse is common in the Ibogaine community due to lack of long term aftercare plans. A residential environment is always recommended so that drugs are not accessible and clean time will be guaranteed. Ibogaine will provide a person with a widow of opportunity to do really transformational work, but it is critical to do this in a serene, low-stress environment.

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